It is possible to streamline both your staff and business operations!

Streamlining your operations and staff is a main priority for us! As we work to help you accomplish this and any other goals, it is our commitment to deliver the best and most reliable digital freight solution, FLEXLink, which solves your logistics problems and surpasses your expectations. In doing so, we hope to take your businesses to the next level of success by introducing you to a whole new level of experience and dedication like no other.

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Optimize your business productivity and improve your profitability, gaining the competitive advantage you need to rise above your competition! Staying focused on your business needs and aspirations, with Flexshipr's FLEXLink you can actually customize your system, which makes it possible for you to design your own plan for success, through every area of your business. Featuring a number of capabilities, the platform even adds the very much sought after ability to tailor system access based on team member roles and responsibilities. This helps your team members, no matter the specific role they play, to gain access to their own or other related portals so that they may make changes, address issues or gain a better idea if it may or may not be causing problems within their unit. You can also streamline processes, giving you the opportunity to skip lengthy and time-consuming legacy systems, Excel spreadsheets, continued re-input manual data entry and multiple printed documents.

There are countless reasons to appreciate FLEXLink while using it with your supply chain. Below, you will find just some of the most notable benefits of using FLEXLink;


With FLEXLink you have a centralized system that manages all of your land, air and sea freight requirements. The platform features a user-friendly interface with a Dashboard, Monitoring, Tracking, Inventory, Intelligence, and Tariffs tabs.


It also enables you to log on and enter rate requests, instant quotations, booking confirmations, invoices, product, order information, calendars, chat functionality, and contacts. This takes a lot of stress away from those who would normally be in charge of addressing each area. Instead of having them in multiple different areas and times of when it is best to check each off your list, FLEXLink puts them in one convenient place, ending the hassle of searching, finding and completing each.


FLEXLink even allows its users to gain a better understanding of the total landed costs from initial order to final delivery, and much more. Knowing exactly how much it will cost to create and transport to the customer, as well as all of the other fees that come along with supply chains, can help you plan ahead and avoid the frustration of failed projects. Obviously, this is something that you never want your business and especially your customers to endure.


FLEXLink allows you to view each of your orders with a comprehensive, easy to use dashboard that gives you the power to customize its system to fit the needs of every individual employee’s requirements. Each employee will have access to;

  • Shipment information, including tracking number, items to be shipped, pick up and delivery addresses, as well as sender and recipient contact phone number, email, fax, website and more.
  • On-time deliveries
  • Delays of deliveries
  • Mode of Transport
  • Port/Airports
  • Warehouses

While using FLEXLink, you and your employees will have the power to track global orders and shipments, end-to-end, and at any point of time, through creating customized milestones. These milestones can be anything from initial order placement, ex-factory, departure port, customs clearance, arrival, and numerous other points.


As a FLEXLink Customer, you will receive alerts on pending and active shipments. Throughout this time, you will even be notified of the cause and effect of incidents or exceptions, including downstream impacts. For example, if there is an accident involving your shipments, you will receive notification of this accident and how it has impacted your shipment and its time of delivery. Along with this information, you will also be notified of new pickup and delivery options, if your package has not been ruined or destroyed. Now, let’s say that you have sent out your shipment, however, you have used the wrong type of shipping material and packaging. This may result in damage to your products. In this case, FLEXLink can actually advise a more secure, yet economical packaging material that can help you send out your products faster, easier, and most importantly, better packaged for your buyers, which will enable you to be much more proactive and take appropriate action to fix or prevent future problems.


FLEXLink makes it possible for you and your employees to access and monitor better detailed reporting. Keeping check of your reporting will prove to be of great use to you and your business. This is because you need to know which areas you are doing good in and which areas you need to improve. FLEXLink makes it easy for you to monitor these reports and covers areas such as volume, financial information and performance metrics on suppliers and trade lanes, which are all important for your business and its potential growth.


With FLEXLink you will gain the ability to analyze specific channels to boost your overall performance. Let’s say that one of your issue areas is in time management, and you are obviously wanting to fix this. By Utilizing FLEXLinks analysis tool, you’ll be able to see exactly where you are failing, and be given advice and guidance on how to improve your own and

your employee’s abilities in the area of time management. Alongside this, and analyzing areas such as spending and cost performance, FLEXLink also allows you to monitor and understand your business expenditures and volumes by product, trade route or carrier.


FLEXLink opens the door for you to view and utilize insights to foresee potential implications within your entire supply chain or various areas of your supply chain. An example of this would be in the area of supply cost. With FLEXLink, you would be able to see how your supply costs are either helping or hindering your overall business goals. So, if you are spending too much or too little on a specific area, the FLEXLink platform will be able to actually tell you how your current spending choices are affecting you now and how it may affect you in the foreseeable future. This is an extremely helpful and essential necessity for your business. Best of all, you gain this information in real time, giving you improved

operational efficiencies, while identifying and implementing alternative solution scenarios.

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