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Managing global supply chains, with multiple sources and suppliers, fragmented shipment channels, and varied time frames and costs, can and will come with a number of challenges. That is why we utilize FlexLINK, a comprehensive platform that gives us and you a way to gain bigger insights into every aspect of your supply chain projects, optimizing every one of your daily responsibilities. We developed FlexLINK to support whatever area within supply chain shipping and receiving you may need improvement in. As FlexLINK leads the digital freight forwarding industry, Flexshipr is committed to providing unmatched services that meet increasingly complex challenges within your supply chain.


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We are capable of handling every aspect of various projects, regardless of their size or complexity


Our Core Services

Our team has accumulated decades of dedicated and now highly sought after experience. Sharing many valuable professional attributes and qualities, our team is more than happy to address all aspects of your freight requirements! We understand the importance of those requirements, which always include designing solutions that meet your own goals, keeping service and cost at your highest priorities.

FlexLINK, a digital freight solution provided by Flexshipr, offers a multitude of different capabilities. These capabilities are designed to cater to a variety of needs and wants for stakeholders of the shipments.

Your Supply Chain Can Be Optimized To Perfection with FlexLINK, A Centralized System For Real-Time Based Decisions.

Using FlexLINK, allows the ability to have one centralized platform, featuring end-to-end supply chain visibility, capable of giving you valuable insight in real-time decision-making.

FlexLINK, greatly improves the visibility of cargo consolidations and de-consolidation. An important part of both is establishing long-term relationships with airlines and carriers. This enables shippers to gain access to better rates, even while shipping small parcels with Flexshipr.

Enhance Your Proficiency and Efficiency In Cargo Consolidation and De-consolidation By Utilizing Flexshipr Today!

We are equipped with China – Europe Block Train connections for FCL and LCL, alongside regular departures from hubs in China and distribution within Poland and Europe.

We are capable of handling every aspect of various projects, regardless of their size or complexity. In doing so, utilizing FlexLINK which provides flexibility and visibility in to project related materials and shipments, we offer a multitude of services and solutions to fit the goals, whatever they may be, of every customer.

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We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach when dealing with complex projects. Through the following link, you can find out how FlexLINK will meet not only your requirements, but also your expectations.

We can and do provide custom tailored logistics solutions that are delivered by global, dedicated teams, possessing an array of technological skills, dynamic solutions and service offerings made to guide each and every customer’s project to success.

Have a look at the Project Services we have to offer!

  • “Turnkey”
  • Large project studies for heavy-lift and oversize cargoes
  • Design and supervision of complex shipments
  • Cost analysis to optimize pricing and sourcing
  • Logistics plans, site surveys, and recognition
  • Analysis of transport options (Sea, Air and Land transport including partial & full charter)
  • Project management
  • Customs clearance
  • Regulatory compliance

We Have A Global Presence With Local Expertise

We are focused on continuously growing our knowledge and understanding of rules, regulations, and laws from countries across the globe, from port to port. Thanks to this, Flexshipr holds the ability to quickly go through the numerous processes of customs clearance, a critical part of a shipper’s

exporting and importing of goods. This makes it possible for us to walk you through these processes easily, so that you can accomplish your importing and exporting goals much faster.

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Are you finding it difficult to understand complicated, required rules and regulations as you try to import and/or export your goods?

The process of Customs Clearance involves preparation and submission of numerous required documentation. These documents are needed to prove that you have the right to facilitate exports and/or imports into other countries. Helping you through every step of this process, gathering all of your documentation, not only do we represent shippers during their customs’ examination, assessment, and payment of duty, but we also co-take deliveries, along with documents, for cargo from customs after clearance.

The following shows our global industry recognition & accredited certifications;

  • HAZMAT Certified
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 9002:2015
  • Members of IATA and FIATA
  • NVOCC Licensed Customs House Brokers
  • AEO
  • C-TPAT
  • Class A License in China
  • NVOCC Licensed in the USA and China

Because Flexshipr operates multiple distribution centers and warehouses around the world, we are able to fulfill the highest industry standards, and are of course configurable according to customer requirements.

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Flexshipr incorporates innovative technology to provide full integration and visibility, which achieves real-time inventory management. Unlike other shippers, the technology we use actually works to eliminate human errors. In eliminating these errors, we recognize the biggest and absolutely most

important parts of today’s commercial success, which are efficiency and effectiveness in warehousing and distribution. When you are able to move the right product to the right destination, in a timely fashion, while remaining on budget, and having access to end-to-end visibility, you are much more likely to succeed.

Today, for a number of different reasons, there is a reduced product lifecycle. What this means is that the pressure to use shorter lead-time into the market is in higher demand for seasonal inventory builds.

Remembering this, Flexshipr understands the critical need for flexibility. That is why we use FlexLINK. This one-of-a-kind platform manages the flow of the products, and covers areas such as packaging and preparation, as well as stock control and information. Through following FlexLINK’s guidance, along with our experts, you will find it possible to optimize your supply chain’s productivity, which above it all, makes your tasks and duties much easier!

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